GRACE Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs (YP & E) Foundation is dedicated to helping our young people soar as they become more successful as business owners and professionals.  GRACE YP&E Foundation has seen the need to be an additional resource by investing into the dreams of these recipients in hopes to turn their dreams into a reality.  GRACE YP& E Foundation is proud to announce that on Saturday, March 21st , 2020,  we will award 15 scholarships to chosen applicants for their hard work and dedication as they begin their journey. We will kick off 2020, with our first ‘Taste of Booneville’ fundraiser on behalf of GRACE YP&E Foundation.  There is a great demand for our youth, which will become our future, to grow and to be able to pass their experiences down for generations to come.  GRACE YP& E has been an inspiration to numerous thriving businesses in the past, and we would like to impart some of what we do into our Young Professional & Entrepreneurs right here in Booneville, MS.  As the year goes on, we will host other small educational events to ensure the success of our young people as venture off into the world.